How Do I Sell My House Fast?

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How Does the ‘Sell My House Fast’ Offer Program Work?

We will buy your house AS-IS for cash in any condition, any reason. By dealing with direct cash buyers like us & skipping the middlemen such as Realtors, banks, appraisers, etc., selling your home fast becomes a lot easier than selling the traditional way! On this page, you will find a simple AND detailed explanation of the process.   See the process below.

Simply fill in the online form or give us a call! We will contact you within 24 hours to gather some more information.

We will come and tour the house, then present you with our 100% NO obligation cash offer. You can decline or accept.

You like our offer, great! We move forward, you pick the closing date that works best for you. We close, you get paid!

Getting A Fair Cash Offer Is That Easy!

Now that you know the steps, below is how we calculate your offer.

Our Proven Formula = The Best Possible Price

[After Repair Value] – [Renovation Costs/Repairs] – [Selling] – [Holding Costs] – [Minimum Profit] = Your Offer

After Repair Value (ARV) of Property:

ARV is what your houses would be worth once all repairs have been made. We run comparisons (houses like yours) on your house to come to this number. For example, Let’s assume John lives in your neighborhood and he recently sold his house for $450,000. John’s house is similar in size, year built, and floor plan. John just recently remodeled his house by putting a new roof on, updating the kitchen, bathrooms, new flooring, and fresh paint. We have a good assumption that your house would sell for $450,000 if it were updated like John’s.

Renovation Costs (These are the Repairs We Will Do):

This is the total cost it would take to repair your house and bring it to a similar condition to John’s. This would be after we purchase a property, we need to make repairs and possibly upgrades. Our goal is to try to keep costs and repairs minimal so that we can offer you the highest offer possible.

Our Selling Costs:

While you will not have any selling costs associated with our transaction, we will have costs associated with selling a property. Usually, these fees are roughly 10% of the ARV. We do need to consider those costs when we make our offer. Selling costs are the costs that we incur after we have updated and repaired the house and when we are ready to sell. These include our closing costs and realtor commissions, etc.

Our Holding Costs:

Many people don’t think about these but recurring monthly costs can add up during a project, especially if it takes several months. These include loan payments, insurance, taxes, power/water bills, lawncare, pest control, and more. Make sure you factor these in if you decide to renovate the property yourself!

Our Minimum Profit:

While we love what we do, we are a business, and we do this to support our families and employees. We must consider potential profits whenever we buy a house for cash. That said, we want to make sure it’s clear that we try our best to keep our profit to a minimum because we want to make sure we are paying you as much as we can for your house or property.

Here Is An Example Of How We Do The Calculations

Let’s Look At The Numbers!

After Repair Value = $450,000

Current As-Is Market Price = $375,000

Repair Costs = $45,000

Selling Costs = $25,000

Our Minimum Profit = $30,000

Let’s assume you consulted a realtor about selling your home and they stated that your current “as-is” market value is $375,000. Let’s then assume that we know we can sell your house for $450,000 once we get done rehab and repairs.

 After viewing your property, we estimate that it will cost $45,000 to get your house in the same condition as John’s. Our Selling costs average around 10% of the after-repair value (ARV).

[$450,000] – [$45,000] – [$25,000] – [$30,000] = $350,000

This is how we calculate cash offers!  We are confident we can offer you the highest offer. We have a streamlined process and our overhead is low. It makes a big difference when we are not spending on expensive T.V., Radio, and Billboard Ads. There’s a reason sellers decide to go with a cash offer instead of working with an agent and it is because of our uncomplicated process and the quality of our cash offer.

Sell Your Home The Fast And Easy Way!

Accept or Decline, the Choice is Yours!
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Why Would I Sell My House For Cash To You For $350,000 Versus Selling With An Agent?

Let’s Compare Selling To Agent Verus Selling To Us For Cash

Pay 5-6% commission and 2-3% closing costs
It could take several months to find a buyer
Escrow can take 60+ days once offer accepted
Most buyers ask for some repairs before closing
Often 20-30+ showings and open houses
Sales fall through because of appraisals & banks
Hidden Fees: ibuyers (internet)disguise fees
iBuyers give low cash offers due to expensive advertising

You Pay Zero Commissions or Closing Costs
Guaranteed Offer. No waiting months for a buyer
Close within 7-60 days or on your time frame
Sell in “As-Is” condition – No Repairs Required
No strangers/showings, No open houses
No appraisal or financing contingencies
No selling fees – hidden or disguised
We have low overhead – No T.V., radio or billboard advertising

Let’s say you sell your house with an agent for $375,000. Most buyers will request some sort of repairs and typically request some closing costs (on average 1-2% of the purchase price), along with your seller closing and holding costs. For this example, we will say another 1% for Seller closing costs and a Buyer credit of 2%. With this scenario, you would net the following after selling your house for $375,000.

Sell Price = $375,000

Commissions = $27,500

Closing Costs/Buyers Credits = $4,500/$9,000

Misc Repairs = $2,500

Your Net Amount = $331,500

Now it is up to you what you would like to do.  Sell your house fast with a guaranteed cash offer for $350,000 without hassles or list it on the market with an agent for $331,500 and take the chance of waiting months for a full priced offer? Don’t forget about the monthly expenses you are still paying while you are waiting for your transaction to close, those take a bite out of your net amount.

Why Would I Sell My House For Cash To You For $350,000 Versus Selling It Myself?

When you sell your home for cash to us, you eliminate the emotional and financial stress that comes along with selling your home, but you also eliminate most of the disclosures you are required to give to a buyer in the State of California. Most home sellers don’t know what they are supposed to disclose to avoid a lawsuit.

Some homeowners want to sell their home as soon as possible versus the lengthy process of completing the escrow process. That’s right, you still go into escrow with a traditional buyer. You will still have strangers in your home, and you won’t have any idea if they are a window shopper or an actual loan approved buyer. You will have the home inspection, request for repairs, appraisal, loan contingencies, and you will still be wondering if you will close escrow or start the process over again.

Selling to us for cash and you can avoid most of this and the best part is you won’t have to clean a thing! You can even leave the items you don’t want! Many homeowners have no desire to pack up items they no longer use or have a garage sale prior to moving, let alone take on making repairs or remodeling their home.

When you want to sell your home stress free, you call us!

I Have Accepted Your Offer What Happens Now And When Do I Get The Cash?

What Happens Now: We open escrow! Escrow goes through the title process and any title issues are addressed; we do an inspection with our contractor, so we have what repairs we need to do when we close escrow. Then we close escrow on your schedule.

When Do I Get the Cash: That really depends on you. Are you ready to close in 7 days, or do you need more time? Bottomline is it is on your timeline. We are flexible and can work with your schedule. But whenever that is, when we close escrow, you get paid.

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